Venus Hot Spring Room NT1,299 with 90mins 2012-01-13
The Royal Seasons Hotel Hot Spring is an exclusive mountain-side retreat situated in Beitou, one of Taipei's most historical area. Encircled by Yang-Ming Mountain and the fountains of a sulphuric hot spring, the resort offers tranquility and the utmost privacy.
Guests are offered 30 European-style guest rooms with 34 exclusive individual hot spring houses in the midst of Beitou Hot Spring Park. There are free shuttle bus service to MRT station nearby, with schedules that match guests’ needs.

Venus Hot Spring Room

1)Min: 2 pax in each hotel spring house
2)24 Hours
3)Free shuttle bus between MRT station and hotel

For free shuttle bus reservation, please call 02-2896-9798


Address:No. 26, Zhongshan Rd. Beitou, Taipei 112-43, Taiwan R.O.C Service:
Tel: 02-2896-9798 Fax: 02-2896-9797
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